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Let Us Know How We Can Help You

Learn more about our history, lifestyle and how we grow our food. If you have any questions about our products, our events, or everything that is going on at Naturally Rooted Growers, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions. Everything you want to know about Naturally Rooted Growers is right here. However, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1.) Is your Homestead organic?

While we are not certified Organic, we do not use genetically modified seed, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We make food healthier creating healthy soils by cover cropping and crop rotation. This enhances the soil's ability to absorb and store carbon and other nutrients needs to grow healthy crops that are able to resist insects and diseases better than "traditional" farming. 

2.) Are all your products dye free?

Yes, we strive to set ourselves apart by choosing to use sprinkles and colors that are dye free. The colors are sourced from vegetable extracts and juices. 

3.) You mention high quality ingredients; what does that mean?

Our products are made with high quailty ingredients which can consist of pasture raised eggs, organic butter and cocoa powder, King Arthur unbleached flour, Merckens chocolate, and Bob's Red Mill baking soda and yeast. 

4.) Can I see tutorials on how to make homemade goods at home?

We appreciate your orders from our kitchen but for anyone wanting to try it on their own at home, we have a great resource on YouTube - NaturallyRootedGrowers that will show you many videos on how to make products at home as well as how to start gardening. 

5.). How can I get my kids involved in eating less processed foods?

I have two boys and know the struggle to help them learn better food choices. On our YouTube channel we have tutorials led by our children on making some of their favorite recipes. Have your children pick a recipe off the channel and follow along. Getting the children involved in the process and they will start to share the joy in homemade products.

6.) I see your store front is by appointment only, when can we expect to be able to stop in the physical store opposed to ordering online?

We are primarily online orders at this time. We can show you our products before ordering by appointment for anyone who has questions on the process or taste of the products. We are hoping this summer to have weekly hours for customers to stop in when it is convenient for their schedule. Spring time is our busy time to get our garden planted so we appreciate your patience. 

7.) Why choose Naturally Rooted Growers opposed to other local bakeries and farms?

We are truly a family business. We enjoy working together to make healthy products not only for us but sharing our love for sustainable living with others. 

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