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St. Patrick's Day Cake Pops Set of 6

Introducing our charming St. Patricks Day Theme Cake Pops!  Enjoy the moist chocolate cake center and crunchy milk chocolate outside. Each are hand rolled dipped & dye free. 

We use high quality ingredients and NO DYES! Colors are from vegetable juices & extracts even the sprinkles. 


St. Patrick's Day Cake Pops Set of 6

  • Each item is handcrafted: therfore, slight color variations and placemnets can occur. 

    Each cakepop is individually bagged. We take all the steps possible to ensure they arrive safe and perfect.

    Please be mindful that although all precautions are taken to prevent it, Breakage or Chipping may still occur.

    Cake Pops can stay fresh for:

    3 Weeks in freezer

    2 Weeks in fridge

    1 Week room temperature


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